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Nothing is above or beyond what you can achieve and at Rock Solid, we will coach you through everything you require to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. A fit and healthy MIND and BODY is what you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and permanent weight loss.

Why Rock Solid will work for you

When it comes to losing weight and getting fit and healthy, we all know what to do; the problem is we just don’t do it. We fix that problem by going within so that you don’t go without helping you #justdothedo by making things simple, satisfying and sustainable.


Whether it is food, or exercise we believe in keeping it simple and integrating it into your lifestyle or else it just won’t work


Don’t be miserable when your losing weight or getting healthy it won’t work. Make it fun and fulfilling, and you will want to do over and over again


If you can make weight loss fun and simple, you are never going to stop, and you will keep #justdoingthedo


You can do it on your own, but it’s better if you have consistent support to answer any questions or problems you may have within a likeminded community of YOUR people

What to expect at Rock Solid

With us you only ever have to do health and weight loss ONCE, this will be the last health and weight loss program you will ever do because let’s face it who wants to keep having to do this over and over?


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Freedom90 is our life-changing program for people who are ready and committed to taking back control of their habits


Freedom28 is our program for people who are serial dieter and have tried “everything” and want to just do health and weight loss ONCE


Diamond 14 Week Lifestyle, Mind and Body Transformation

No more diets, no more fads, just living a healthy lifestyle your way.


Do you need some encouragement?

Want to try a new training style?

Need a little accountability?


Created JUST for you, whatever your needs we can create a bespoke plan tailored to your requirements.

Meet Barry & Laura Ash – Rock Solid

Nothing is above or beyond what you can achieve and at Rock Solid, we will coach you through everything you require to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

A Rock Solid fit and healthy MIND and BODY is what you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and permanent weight loss.

Laura Ash

Transformation Coach

Barry Ash

Transformation Coach

Real People Real Results


Mum of 1 and business owner Holly found herself in a bit of a rut with her body. She wanted to sculpt a body she could be proud of and boost her confidence and energy levels. 12 weeks in she finished her transformation STRONG both mentally and physically. Its the Rock Solid effect

Real People Real Results


Liam is one of those people who does not live life small. After he completed his own 12 week online body transformation with us he looked at his life and where we was heading. He was not 100% happy with what he was doing in life, so he decided to bin it all for a career changing other peoples lives. Liam left his job and set up his own business as a Body Transformation Coach. He is currently running his own very successful business fuelled by his own passion for health and fitness. What can we say – Its the Rock Solid Effect!

Real People Real Results


Determined NOT to hit 50 with aches and pain from injuries from previous training Jane decided to work with Rock Solid to regain control of her body and get lean. Spurred on by the doctors comments about her age and what she should and should not do she set out to prove them wrong. Being the successful business woman that she is Jane steamed into the Rock Solid 14 Week Program. 14 weeks on and INJURY FREE she not only transformed her body but also gained the education to help her moving forwards. Now needing a new wardrobe Jane is unstoppable! Its the Rock Solid effect!

Real People Real Results


I love my bum” how many of you can say that!? Lisa does! Mum of 1 and an entrepreneur Lisa joined Rock Solid for 14 weeks to change not only her body but her life. Caught in a world of insecurities and stress Lisa did not know how to get herself out of the situation she had slowly become accustom to. Lisa is a very dedicated and confident business woman, and likes to put others before her own needs, this has been to the detriment of her own physical and mental state and her health. In just 14 weeks she became a women who is knowledgeable, fit and healthy. She is am now someone who has goals for the future both home and in her business. Its the Rock Solid effect.

Real People Real Results


Tonka went from an overworked builder, serial take away fiend, and smoker to a super successful, super fit, health junkie! Fed up of feeling tired, overworked and unhealthy he decided that he needed to change. Tonka used to keep fit, but when we started his own business this all went to pot. He took part in Rock Solids 14 week program and changed not only his body but his life too. Now back in control, work is a breeze and he has a new found love of cooking and weight training. It’s the Rock Solid effect.

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