Diamond Program

Diamond 14 Week Lifestyle, Mind and Body Transformation

No more diets, no more fads, just living a healthy lifestyle your way.

We spoke to a lot of people who found that they would carry out a diet, spend a lot of time dieting and getting to a “goal weight”, then slowly but surely after said “diet” had finished their weight started to pile back on…with that extra 10%!

This ends up in a spiral of YO YO dieting, frustration and despair.

That’s why we created the 14 Week COMPLETE transformation.

We will take your current lifestyle rip it up and put it back together again in a form that will help you ditch old habits for new good ones. By having this approach it ensures this new way of living is sustainable.

The 14 week Diamond Package is bespoke in it’s entirety. Our Diamonds are the very elite of and deserve only the best! No 2 Diamonds are ever the same but with help they all shine so brightly.

You will work 100% 1-2-1 with us in a bespoke program that is right for you.

Because you are unique and no one else is like you.

Time to be a Diamond!