Freedom PAckages

FREEDOM7 is a FREE 7-day program we have created for everyone who needs a little nudge when it comes to motivating yourself – in all aspects, not just weight loss. We’re here to help!

Freedom7 will get you motivated and help you to discover and remove some of the blocks and barriers you have to lose weight and just to get going again

Did we say it’s FREE?

We know the hardest part of #justdoingthedo is,

Getting started

WHY? Because there is so much information out there – you just don’t know what to trust.

You haven’t really addressed the underlying causes and got your head in check first.

You worry about everything you do, will it work? will it be ok? is it right?

Sticking to it

Because again, your head was not put right first.

You have no support.

You get bored because you don’t see the results you WANTED quick enough.

So then you bounce back and forth looking for the golden solution.

This challenge won’t consume your life; it requires a maximum of 10-20 minutes of your day.

Pop the kettle on, put your feet up and take some time for yourself. You might even discover some things you never knew about yourself, and you might surprise yourself of what you’re capable of!

You won’t be walking 100,000 steps or even eating organic fruit and dust, and you won’t even have to drink multiple lumpies (our term for a smoothie, cause let’s face it they are NOT smooth)

Freedom7 is 100% a mental workout, and you can even sit in your pj’s and watch Netflix and eat chocolate buttons

We don’t care, however, we know that won’t last long because the Freedom7 magic will take hold and you may find yourself getting up and #justdoingthedo

It’s 7 days
It’s 10-20 mins per day

What have you got to lose?

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Freedom28 is our program for people who are serial dieter and have tried “everything” and want to just do health and weight loss ONCE

F28 is about #justdoingthedo so that you can create Rock Solid health and fitness foundations

Focusing on the 4 pillars of any health and weight loss


In that order

It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and go back to basics with real-life strategies and tools to help you form a healthy lifestyle

As you become a Rock Solid FreedomFighter you will find what works for you and create the YOU PLAN, so you don’t have to do anymore quick fad diets

Plus you will get the support from your fellow Rock Solid FreedomFighters and us that you need to make this simple, satisfying and sustainable

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Freedom90 is our life-changing program for people who are ready and committed to taking back control of their habits

Sometimes you have done all the diets, and you know there is something missing

You know that the “thing” is something within, it’s your inner game, which is your thoughts and behaviours.

Let’s face it; weight gain is just a symptom sometimes of the habits and behaviours that have got you there, so it makes sense to tackle them

F90 gets right to the root of all this and digs it out, and then allows you to create Rock Solid foundations to build back on creating control and freedom as you go

People have described this as life-changing, and that they have finally started to like and love themselves again, mushy we know, but it’s a fact

90 whole days being mentored and coached by us and surrounded by your fellow Rock Solid FreedomFighters with a higher level of access to us and support to get you the results you need

You will have the chance to create the YOU PLAN so no more diets or plans that don’t work and find out what really works for your unique set of circumstances to be a happier, healthier you

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Freedom365 is where our Rock Solid FreedomFighters who have graduated F28 and F90 go to

It’s our virtual coffee shop where we all hang out as one big Family, sounds like the Brady Bunch I know

We are just going to hand it over to our fab FreedomFighers to tell you about it.

“a constant reminder to do the do and provides a backup and contingency reminder when I slip up.

“You always remind us we are human and make mistakes and it’s so nice to be a part of a group of like-minded people who are all in the same boat! It’s a great support network.”

“It means Family. Accountability, Support, No BS as you say how it is!”

“Support, Accountability, Learning and Sharing xx”

“365 is my lifeline, I would not want to be without it you may not be my blood family but you all are my REAL family xxx”

The aim is to just keep #doingthedo because we are in this to just do health and weight loss once

We have Baz covering the body and Loz who picks apart your head to create happy, healthy Rock Solid people

The guys get motivation, the chance to remove any other blocks and barriers that come up (cause they do), encouragement or inspire with


THAT is F365 ^^

It’s a safe place where our Rock Solid FreedomFighters can be themselves, so they don’t get trapped in the fitness marketing snare of BS and end up back on the hamster wheel of weight loss

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